CPRIT Application Receipt System (CARS): Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the CARS Frequently Asked Questions section. To send Comments, Questions, and Suggestions for Web Site Changes, email us at Help@CPRITGrants.org. Please use the word FAQ in the subject line.

If you don't find the answer to your question, please call the CPRIT Helpdesk at 866-941-7146 or email us at Help@CPRITGrants.org. Our hours of operation are:

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Queries submitted via email will be answered within 1 business day.

NOTE: The information below provides answers to frequently asked technical questions regarding the system. For frequently asked questions regarding CPRIT, various funding opportunities, the peer review process, eligibility, grant matching funds requirements, indirect costs, etc., please visit the FAQ at the CPRIT website, http://www.cprit.state.tx.us/funding-opportunities/grant-faq.

Program Questions

Application Receipt System Questions

Program Questions
Please go to the CPRIT website, http://www.cprit.state.tx.us, for information about who we are, what we do, and how you can become a part of our mission.

Application Receipt System Questions
System Supported Browsers
  • Google Chrome (Mac and Windows) version 95 & higher
  • Microsoft Edge version 95 & higher

  • User Account Registration
    Please contact the CPRIT Helpdesk. We can assist, if needed, by consolidating your accounts. In some cases, it is helpful and/or necessary to have multiple CARS accounts.
    Please contact the CPRIT Helpdesk by email. With a written request, we can assist you in correcting the email address in your account profile.
    Please contact the CPRIT Helpdesk. If your email address is correct, we can reset your password with a phone OR email request. If you are locked out AND your email address is incorrect in CARS, please contact the Helpdesk by email.

    My Profile
    The Contact Information tab in the My Profile section allows users to edit information in their profile, including the email address. There are, however, restrictions on changing your organization:
    PIs that do not have any funded applications (grants) in the system can change their organization.
    PIs that have a funded application (grant) in the system are not permitted to change their organization.
    ASOs are not permitted to change their organization.
    If you need assistance changing your organization, please contact the CPRIT Helpdesk.
    This information can be changed in the Account Information tab in the My Profile section of CARS. Please create a “Strong” or “Very Strong” password. The criteria:

    A valid password must be unique from the User Name and must comply with the following guidelines:

    • Passwords must have a minimum of twelve (12) characters
    • Passwords must use three (3) of the four (4) following types of characters
      • English upper case characters (A-Z)
      • English lower case characters (a-z)
      • Base 10 digits (0-9)
      • Non-alphabetic characters (!@#$%&*()_+|~-{}[]:";'<>?,./).

    Additionally, passwords MUST NOT contain:

    • Words found in a dictionary
    • Dictionary words spelled backwards
    • Dictionary words with a single digit appended to the beginning or ending of the word (e.g. President1)
    • Personally identifiable information such as an account username, the names of family members,
      friends or pets, license plate number, phone numbers, birthdays, or addresses, etc.
    • Easily recognized repeating word or number patterns (e.g. 123456, 111111, aaabbb, etc.)

    The DUNS number is a unique 9-digit identification number for each physical location of your business. The EIN number is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. If you are unsure of these numbers, please check with the ASO at your organization or institution; he/she should be able to provide them. If you do not have a DUNS number, Visit D-U-N-S Request Service to obtain more detailed instructions on applying for your D-U-N-S Number. If you do not have an EIN or would like more information, including how to apply, please visit the Internal Revenue Service website at http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Apply-for-an-Employer-Identification-Number-(EIN)-Online.
    Please contact the CPRIT Helpdesk. We can have your organization added to the list.

    Yes, in this scenario, it is possible for the PI/PD/Applicant to also be the designated ASO. The individual that will be the PI/PD/Applicant and the ASO for the same application must have 2 different accounts and user names.
    Please choose only 1 option at a time for your search. If you do not know your institution’s primary ASO, please contact your Sponsored Programs Office (or equivalent) before selecting a contact from the search results.
    Do not save this tab as final until you are ready to submit all tabs as final for ASO approval and submission of the entire application. Each tab has a “Save as Draft” button to save any changes made. However, please keep in mind that the Contacts tab must be finalized before the Collaborators tab can be finalized.
    Once the search has been completed and no data are found, you will see a link to “send them an invitation” at the bottom of the search screen. Click on this link, enter the invitee’s email address and name in the fields provided, and click on the send button. The invitee will receive an email with a link directing him/her to register in the CARS. Once they have registered, they will automatically be assigned to your application. Please be sure to enter the correct email address of the recipient.
    The primary ASO is responsible for adding Alternate ASOs and Grants Contract /Office of Sponsored Projects Officials prior to the approval and submission of the full application.
    Co-PIs can be from different institutions for any award mechanism that allows Co-PIs. The final grant award is made to each institution, with the responsibilities of each institution specifically delineated in their respective grant awards.
    The applicant who is listed as the PI or PD in CARS will need the ASO from their institution to approve the application. Specific award mechanisms may have other system guidelines.

    Application Information
    All character limits include spaces. You can keep track of the number of characters used for a particular text field by checking the character counter located at the bottom left of each field.
    State Senate District: Enter the State Senate District of your institution. Use the link to the right of the text box to find this information, using the applicant’s institutional address.
    State House District: Enter the State House District of your institution. Use the link to the right of the text box to find this information, using the applicant’s institutional address.

    Required Documents
    Text fields do not permit any special formatting; e.g., underlining, bold, bullets, tabs, special characters, subscripts or superscripts, diagrams, graphics, or pictures.
    Please do not copy and paste text from Microsoft Word (or other advanced word processing programs), as the formatting may not be maintained and unwanted special characters could appear in your text. Please copy and paste such text into Notepad (or a similar program) and save it as plain text first, before pasting into system text fields.
    There is no limit on the number of figures that can be included, but they do count against the page limit, for all required document uploads.
    Internet URLs should be listed in the references section. As long as the information is clearly present, no particular format is preferred.
    For Research, please submit “Current and Pending Support” forms for all people for whom a biosketch was provided. For Product Development, please submit a “Current and Pending Support” form for the Company. For Prevention, list all current and pending support related to the submitted project. This document is optional for Prevention.

    The maximum direct salary that an individual can request is $200,000. Thus, an individual with a base salary of $250,000 can request the salary cap of $200,000 with 100% effort. The same individual that contributes 50% effort may request $100,000.
    No, cost adjustments to capped salaries are not allowed.
    No, prior approval is not necessary to include a request in the application for funds for equipment costing $5,000 or more per unit. CPRIT will make an evaluation of the equipment cost request as part of the peer review process. Approval of the application constitutes approval of the proposed expenditure.

    Application Submission
    The ASO can reset any tab that needs to be amended, through the Final Review and Submit tab. Please work with your ASO to make any such changes.
    First, check the status of the tabs to ensure all data is complete and all tabs are in “Pending ASO Approval” mode. Second, our full application receipt deadlines are 3:00 pm central time. If the receipt deadline has passed, the receipt cycle will be closed, and this field will thus no longer be active.

    Funded Application Issues and Notifications
    For programmatic questions, contact the appropriate CPRIT programmatic office listed below:
    CPRIT Academic Research Program Office
    Phone: 512-305-8491
    E-mail: research@cprit.texas.gov
    Questions regarding the CPRIT Product Development Research Program should be directed to:
    CPRIT Product Development Research Program Office
    Phone: 512-305-7676
    E-mail: proddev@cprit.texas.gov
    Questions regarding the CPRIT Prevention Program should be directed to:
    CPRIT Prevention Program Office
    Phone: 512-305-8417
    E-mail: prevention@cprit.texas.gov